A Trichologists insight

When I receive an enquiry from a new Trichology patient, I am often asked “Is it worth me coming to see you?” It's a question that my assistant and I are asked with such regularity that I felt we needed a considered response.

One of the reasons I decided to study to be a Trichologist was that when working with clients in my hairdressing salon Hairmatters, I was meeting an increasing number of people who where suffering from and asking me about hair loss, I had a certain amount knowledge through my hairdressing training and from working with a number of product companies. I wanted to be able to help my clients more and to be able to speak with authority on the subject. 

After some research I decided that I would like to train with the institute of Trichologists in London, a four year corse covering distance learning,practical clinical training and mentorship. Whilst I was training in collage at Horsham, I became aware of some patients where it wasn't  possible for me to offer a remedy for their hair loss and I remember thinking I may be in the position one day where I would charging a patient for a consultation and then informing them that I couldn't cure their hair loss. May be when patients ask me the above question, what they are really saying is that they don't want to end up in that position and not get any return for the time and money they have spent on the consultation.

The response my assistant and I came up with is “I haven’t come across any patients who after they have spoken to us doesn't feel that they have had some value from the consultation”. This may sound like quite a confidant statement, what is it that enables me to say this? Apart form the difference in our patients body language before and after the consultation.

Hair loss falls into three categories the first of which is temporary, there may be a causative factor which if possible needs to be dealt with but basically the hair can recover, next is treatable, which means as long as the patient is prepared to do what is necessary for  correct use of the treatment, some improvement will usually be seen.The last category is permeant, hair transplantation may be an option or their may be a wig or a hair piece that can cosmetically improve the patients appearance. 

The value is given during the consultation when the patient learns which category they fall into and what options are available.

So “Is it worth going to see a Trichologist”? That depends on, if you value reassurance that your hair loss will improve, an understanding of the treatments on offer and advice on what to do if hair loss is permeant.

My question for the patient would be are you prepared to listen too and act on my advice? but thats another article.